Anaesthetic and Ventilation Equipment – Level 3

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Anaesthetic and Ventilation Equipment – Level 3


5 Days.



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  • Block release options available.
Entry Requirements

The Level 3 course has both practical and theory elements. Our pre-requisites are that students have a sound knowledge of Electronic Engineering to either a HNC or equivalent qualification, or equivalent work experience within the Industry. Minimum age for entry onto the course is 19 years old.

Occupational Profile

The course provides an excellent grounding for medical engineering staff involved with the servicing and maintenance of anaesthetic and ventilation equipment.

Training and Development Summary

This course covers introductions into the principles and practical elements of the following areas: anaesthetic machines, vaporisers, medical gas supplies and controls and ventilators.

It provides students with the basic knowledge and practical experience needed in order to be able to carry out inspection, servicing and repairs across a variety of anaesthetic and ventilation type, bio-medical equipment in accordance with MHRA guidance, IEC Standards, relevant manufacturers’ information and the National Occupational Standard SEMEM 3-65 Servicing anaesthetic and ventilation equipment.

On conclusion of the course, the students will be competent in the following areas:

  • Describe and explain the principles of anaesthesia.
  • List the commonly used medical gases and explain the safe working practices associated with anaesthetics and medical gases.
  • Describe and explain the principles of respiration, breathing systems, and ventilation.
  • Describe the engineering and functional operation of anaesthetic equipment and ventilation devices and their associated ancillaries.
  • Carry out inspection, testing, fault-finding and servicing of anaesthetic equipment and ventilation devices in accordance with the relevant legislation, standards and manufacturers’ information.
Professional Recognition and Career Progression

On successful completion of this course, candidates will gain a National Level 3 Certificate from the awarding body Open College Network West Midlands.

All of our medical equipment training courses now count towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for NHS staff.

Associated Information:
This course is developed and continuously reviewed in accordance with the National Occupational Standards and in particular with meeting the requirements for:

  • SEMEM 3-60 Carrying out Fault Diagnosis on Medical Equipment
  • SEMEM 3-61 Testing Medical Equipment
  • SEMEM 3-62 Carrying out Scheduled Servicing on Medical Equipment
  • SEMEM 3-65 Servicing Anaesthetic and Ventilation Equipment
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