Our Mission

To work in collaboration with delivery partners from academia and industry to deliver higher level technical education programmes that lead to well-paid rewarding careers for our students and meet the regional and national skills need.

Our Vision for the future is to:

  • Be a local Centre of Excellence for higher education that is accessible for all.
  • Be the provider of choice for higher education across the West Midlands and nationally within our areas of specialism.
  • To provide high quality technical education at Level 4 and above with clear pathways to skilled jobs.
  • To provide training on the latest industry equipment to support student’s practical skills development.
  • To create the skills to advance the economic and social prosperity, adding value to the community we serve.
  • To inspire students to be successful. Developing the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to ensure that everyone meets their full potential.
  • To provide non-traditional progression pathways to higher education that are flexible and accessible for all, often combining study and work.
  • To offer higher education that is inclusive and connected to society.

Our values:

Promote equality and diversity through inclusive practices. Our students will be selected on merit, regardless of gender, race and disability.

Place the interests of students and employers at the heart of everything we do.

Listen to the needs of students and employers in order to provide responsive services.

Play a pivotal role in determining the future skills needs, working in collaboration with other delivery partners from academia and industry to deliver high quality education.