Prevention and Control of Infection in a Healthcare Setting – Level 2

in Medical Engineering & Health care

Prevention and Control of Infection in a Healthcare Setting – Level 2


1 day.



Delivery Location

IoT Dudley Starting September 2021

Delivery Partners
Dudley College

Delivery Model

Block release options available.

Entry Requirements

This course is approved for delivery to students aged 16+.

Occupational Profile

This qualification is aimed at current or new staff who work in health and care settings such as care homes, health centres, surgeries and childcare settings and gives them underpinning knowledge of how to prevent and control the spread of infection.

Training and Development Summary

The content of this qualification includes common infections and the chain of infection, correct hand washing procedures, principles of personal protective equipment, the decontamination process, waste management procedures and roles and responsibilities in preventing infection.

Professional Recognition and Career Progression

This course is a great route into further training to help students progress towards a career in nursing, health education or other more specialised healthcare roles.

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